Apology to a Surfboard


August 8, 2011, Washington, DC: Dear surfboard, Another summer is on its way out and again I owe you an apology. If there's one thing I regret about moving to Chicago and then Washington, it's that I've completely and utterly neglected you. This is no place for you, yet I've insisted you stay, landlocked and captive as mere home decor.

Sure, you lived the city life out west, but it was a good one. You saw your fair share of salt water and waves during our road trips to Stinson and Bolinas, even if you did live in a crowded urban apartment. Surfboards like you can make it in the City By The Bay. You were in good company.

I know this is no place for you. I hate seeing you so unhappy. But I assure you your culture lives on no matter where we live. I hope someday we'll find you a place to call home where we can all be happy.

Until then, I'll do my best to reintroduce you to the ocean before summer's end. And meantime, remember you look wonderful in the apartment. Everybody says so.