Our Home These Days


November 15, 2012, Washington, DC: I always have trouble with this time of year when the sun sets early and the temperature drops and those of us who are outdoor types accustomed to squeezing all we can into long, bright days are suddenly forced to find alternatives indoors. You'd think that after 30 some years, I'd be used to this annual transition but it's still a struggle every fall. I struggle to slow down and to simplify. To cook more warm meals and drink more tea. To sleep longer. To do less. I have to remind myself that others throughout the neighborhood, too, are retreating indoors and I'm not missing out. I have to remind myself to be grateful for these shorter days that bring us back home. So this is our home this days. This is my view of where we live, in this sparking city, in this eclectic neighborhood, in this warm little apartment.

Any advice for living simply and learning to appreciate shorter days at home? Share your tips in the comments below.

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